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Make 28 to 30 bottles of excellent wine the first time.

Experience the fine art of wine making as we take you through the step-by-step procedure of making your first varietal wine. Chardonnay to Estate grown Cabernet can be made. Wines are made in class with our equipment and guidance in the first of this two-session class. Fermentation is conducted in our temperature controlled cellar and is overseen by our winemaker experts.

When fermentation is complete, select a date to complete the bottling of your wine. With our bottling equipment you bottle, cork and custom label your wine. Class includes equipment use, cellar space and monitoring by our wine experts.

First Session:

  • Basics of quality fine wine making from grape to bottle. 
  • Winemaking approaches and techniques. 
  • Hands on winemaking vinting a 6 gallon vat. 
  • Wine tasting and appreciation. 
  • Wine aging, cellaring and building your personal wine cellar. 


  • Participate in transferring your wine to the secondary fermenter vessel or have it done for you. 

Second Session:  Book your Bottling Appointment

  • Balancing and stabilizing your wine. 
  • Adjusting tannin and residual sugar levels. 
  • Bottling your wine* 
  • Wine labeling** 

Cost is $125.00 plus tax for one or two people making the same batch. Cost of ingredients not included; varietal wine juice kit ranges from $70.00 to $195.95. Each batch yields approximately 24-28 bottles.  If you would like to make more wine, cellaring space and equipment use fee is $99.00 for additional kits. Catalog of wine kits available on request. Private classes available on request. For more information call 773-233-7579. 

*We encourage recycling. You can bring in your own cleaned and delabeled bottles or purchase new ones from $15.95 to $16.95 per case of 12. New corks are 30 cents each.

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