Chilean Grape Pre orders are now open

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We are taking orders for Chilean grapes for Spring winemaking.  Reports of the growing season been excellent.: 
This is an atypical season, higher temperatures than normal during December and January, have resulted in an earlier and homogeneous season.  The berry size is generally smaller than normal.  Sugars at this point in time are advanced per normal seasons.  With a smaller harvest due to weather issues affecting bud break, the remaining crop will be considerably smaller.  There has been almost no rain during the growing season, so we can expect a superior quality.  The smaller crop along with very select vineyards, will allow us to experience some of the finest wines ever.

We have some limited amounts of Ultra reserve grapes.  The Reserve is grown in Maipo and Colchagua Valley, from selected vineyards with strict yields to give us the opportunity to make CHILEAN wines that rival the finest in the world.  The Single Vineyard /Ultra Reserve  will be a selection of particular blocks from the best vineyards in Apalta, Alto Maipo,.
Estimated Delivery will be end of April early May. Desteming and crushing will be available.

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